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California Transitional

Moving to a new home is stressful. Trying to make your life fit into a different mold, one that it isn't designed for, is even more stressful. Sometimes, it takes a new set of eyes to see what needs to happen, and that is where we come in.


This couple had just purchased a new house and were in the process of getting things ready to move in, but they wanted to make sure that it was perfect for them from the get-go.

living room rustic transitional fireplace family.jpg

While we worked on the whole house, some rooms got more attention, and the living room was one of them. The house came with the stacked stone fireplace and faux wood beam, which gave us a great jumping-off point. From there, we leaned into the natural elements, relying on textures and using subtle colors that reflect the California landscape to make the space warm and inviting.

transitional living room piano
vingette mask accessories
vingette living room lamp
vingette succulent pot

The configuration of this house is a bit odd, so the clients wanted to add definition to the entry. We chose a thin cabinet with glass doors to hold and showcase some of the client's heirloom china, then added some sculptural candle holders and a bright pop of color with the artwork above it.

entry cabinet
tv room swivel chair
table vignette flowers
living room rustic transitional fireplace family
California transitional family living room rustic fireplace.jpg

The other half of the living room was dubbed the piano room. We helped advise the client when he was torn between two options for pianos and then had a custom-made cushion added to the bench to tie it into the rest of the space.

large mirror stairs

Small rooms need purpose, too! This area was a bit awkward, both in size and purpose, but we gave it some new life. Ironically, we did so by cutting down other usable space and adding cabinets and floating shelves for storage and display. As the client wanted this to be a TV room, we kept the seating minimal and movable with a swivel chair.

piano custom cushion

The stairs were a  bit of a conundrum. They had a curiously sharp turn and were too small for much, but a large mirror really helped make it feel less barren.

vingette plants
floating shelf jars

We worked on both the master and guest bedrooms. The guest was all about relaxation, continuing the theme of soft colors and textures. The master, though, was more a reflection of the clients, with bold colors mixed with natural wood tones and dark metals. Both rooms were designed to complement a piece of artwork that meant something to the couple.

guest room refresh
Family gallery guest room.jpg
master bedroom custom bedding burgundy teal
custom swivel chair teal velvet
Bathroom staging interior design
Bathroom staging interior design
Bathroom staging interior design
dining room table.jpg
master bedroom custom bedding burgundy teal

Not every room needed all new furnishings. The bathrooms just needed a little sprucing up, adding art and some accessories to bring the spaces together.

Bathroom staging interior design

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