Serving the Sacramento area since 1990

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Consultation:  Usually lasting 1 1/2 to 2 hours, this is the first step, and sometimes the only step.  If you have questions about multiple rooms, such as how to either finish or start to pull it together, Consultation is your best bet.  We do ask that you have a short list of questions so we stay on task.  There are times when all you really need is someone to bounce ideas around with, someone to reign you in a little or direct you.  This is our time to get to know each other and for you to tell us what you need and want done.

Of course, if you need only a few things designed and areas addressed, we will be happy to quote you before starting.

Kitchen/Bath Design: These can be large projects, so we will discuss the Scope of Work and we will come to a value based on those needs. We will discuss and decide together what fit is best for you.  Remember, our goal is to make the space comfortable for you to live in, and that includes any small or poorly arranged kitchens and bathrooms that may be in your home. 


Whole House & Custom Home Specifying: We will be working with you to design your whole home, outside and in.  From the landscape design and exterior paint to the shower heads in your bathroom and cushions on your couch, we will work together to make your home as perfect as possible.  It doesn't matter if it is a custom home or a remodel, we can make it suit your wants and needs.

*Please note that we also offer structural design on kitchens, baths, and room additions.  We work with local high quality licensed contractors and structural engineers to help with the process.

Drafting: This is necessary when doing larger projects that include remodels.

Space Design: There are times when you will just need help arranging your furniture or figuring out how to fit everything in a room properly.  This is what Space Design is meant for.  We can also help you shop for organizational tools for closets and various other spaces around your home.

Window Treatments: Maybe you decide you need shutters or lush drapery panels as well.  No problem!  Window treatments can really pull a room together.  Over the years we've garnered working relationships with many local artisans, suppliers, and installers.

Shopping Time:  We use a variety of vendors, from high end to retail.  We use this time to find what fits you perfectly, no matter the price.  We will, however, bring other options should the perfect object be expensive.

Project Management: When you are working on any multi-faceted project, like a kitchen remodel, you need someone to be in charge of the subcontractors.  Having worked for several years for a remodeling company, we know what needs to be done to make sure things run as seamlessly as possible.  This may save you time and money, depending on the project.