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Fighting the Mid-winter Blahs!

The holidays are over. All the glitz, glitter and shiny baubles have been put back into their boxes to sleep until next year. We are moving into the time when new year's resolutions and defeatist attitudes take over our lives. This is also the time when the colder weather seems to get to everyone the most. The shorter days seem to drag and the monotony of life tries to steal our joy.

But don't worry! With a few adjustments, there are plenty of ways to spice up your home and push away the mid-winter blahs!

1. Leave up string lights! I have found that leaving some of the decorations up helps to warm up your home, particularly twinkle lights. I leave mine up around my sliding glass door. My family rarely uses the door in the winter, but it is right by our kitchen table. The lights give a warm glow to the room and. I usually leave mine up until after Valentine's day has passed. (A little romance planning too!)

2. A gaggle of candles! Candles, once again, add the warmth and light that you want in your home when the days are shorter. Grouping some battery operated candles together can help brighten up dark areas with safety and ease. Most come with a timer option, so you can turn them on at about 5pm and they will stay on until 10 before cycling off for the night. There when you need them and off when you don't!

3. Change up your chandelier! I know, I keep talking about lights, but they are very important to how you feel. As far as chandeliers go, you can make them appropriate for the season with just a small change. I often tell clients to take one or two of the lightbulbs out during summer. You will still have light, but also lends the impression of a cooler room. In winter, just put them all back in! Simple!

4. Never lose that sparkle! Accessorize with shiny objects where they would not normally be. Surprise yourself by rearranging your look! This is especially useful if you have darker pieces of furniture. It brightens the area and draws the eye.

5. Bring in some green! It is amazing what flowers will do for your outlook on life. Buying fresh flowers more frequently in winter, or even getting a new houseplant can help improve your moral. As an added bonus, you can use them in a table-scape.

Don't let the mid-winter blahs get you down! Beat them with light, warmth, and life!

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