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The colors of 2017

It's that time again! A new year brings new trends and new colors that will be popping up like wildfire.

If you are anything like most people, you have wondered how these colors are chosen. Basically, these color tend to be a reflection of our tastes in clothing as well as furniture. The design industry takes a look at both the new spring lines and the lines of the previous fall fashion shows. They figure out the trends from there. Most of the time, anyway.

Here are the colors to watch out for in the new year:

Pantone – Greenery: yellow-green, rejuvenating, refreshed, relaxing, renewed

Dunn-Edwards – Honey Glow: warm, pushes away dark, ​​loves a variety of whites and wood tones

Sherwin-Williams – Poised Taupe: great with whites and some wood tones. Good for those who only want two or three colors. A neutral close to grey but can turn lavender.

Kelly-Moore – Kettleman: dark grey with brown organic undertones. Looks good with other grays. Works with both cool and warm tones. Great with lighter wood furniture.

Benjamin Moore – Shadow: the darkest of this year's selections and will be an accent only color, it seems. Brings up a navy feel and east coast library look. Good with light grain woods and white accents. Dramatic.

There has been a dominance of grays, popularized by the mid-century hip style that seems to be everywhere right now. Those gray tones have been giving way to lighter woods and recycled rustic styles that have hints of color. These pale palettes seem to tell the designers and colorists that they need to inject some drama with darker backgrounds like Poised Taupe, Kettleman and Shadow. These weighty, darker colors are often considered restful. I would recommend using them in places you use to retreat from the world. For instance, a bedroom with sea glass blue accents to keep the atmosphere from becoming too dark.

Another way to add drama is by accenting with brighter, and in my opinion, happier colors. Greenery and Honey Glow are great shades to jazz up a gray palette. They also work well with warmer tones, such as beige. Either color can help your space feel more vibrant and give a bit more energy to the place. They will be better in more public rooms, like the kitchen, family room, living room, and entry.

The beautiful thing about these colors is that they look wonderful together. Use Poised Taupe as the base tone in the living room with accents of Greenery on a wall and some throw pillows in Honey Glow. It will allow you to rest as well as add a freshness to wake up your senses.

Be aware that we are presently seeing a rise in white accent pieces and acrylic furniture accents. Couple these with the lighter washed wood tones and you can see how these new colors can work in a variety of styles, including Hollywood glamorous by just adding some lighter area rugs and lots of reflective pieces. It would be very rich and fairly flexible when you feel the need to change things up.

I will be heading to the Furniture Market on the 22nd, so keep an eye out for more information about upcoming trends! And below I have listed all the links to the colors of the year I mentioned. Enjoy your weekend!

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