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Vegas Baby!

Alright folks! I have been back from the Las Vegas Market for a whole week, giving you teasers about the new trends. Well, it's Friday and the wait is over! Here are the top five trends for 2017:

1. Grey Furniture– We saw this last year as well, but grey furniture is hot right now. Whether it is treated, painted, or made from reclaimed wood, the grey tones are everywhere. I mentioned this trend already in my post about The Colors of 2017. A lot of the paint and accessory colors are a push back against these bland hues. It can be very beautiful and is perfect when you want a room to feel more open or you want to emphasize specific splashes of color.

2. Acrylic Furniture– It's baaaaack! Acrylic furniture has been around for years and it cycles in and out of popularity. In Vegas, I noticed that it is being used in some interesting ways. There were quite a few bench seats with acrylic legs, as well as lamps with acrylic bases. Also, instead of it having all straight, clean lines, quite a bit was cast into the forms of traditional styled furniture. All the elegance of a traditional dining chair without the stuffiness that sometimes accompanies it. Finally, small lamp tables give us a simple place to add the Acrylic look without the bigger investment.

3. Black and Gold– These are two colors that have never really gone out of style, but right now, they are EVERYWHERE and almost always paired together. Again, this is a pushback against the grey tones. The gold adds warmth and light while the black gives the items presence and weight. Most of the time, furniture with these colors featured clean lines and used the gold to focus your attention on the special details. Also, you will notice that the golds are more matte than shiny!

The last photo in this is of a bathroom remodel I finished last year. It wasn't really from Vegas, but it fit with the theme so nicely, I wanted to show you another place that Black and Gold can be used.

4. Rings and Spheres– Lighting is a diverse and fun place to play. With the leaps in technology over the last decade or so, creative lighting options are at an all time high. Right now, those options seem to favor circles. Chandeliers in the shapes of interlocking rings, glowing halos, and complicated spheres were to be seen everywhere. That includes in the hotel's casino. The lighting companies had a lot of fun with materials and styles as well. There were spheres featuring crystal, glass, iron, wood, leather, or some combination therein. And if you like the more traditional style chandelier, you can have one dripping with crystal and floating inside a ball made of four interlocking chrome rings! The sky's the limit!

5. Obelisks– Okay, I'm sure that someone is going to laugh about this, or argue, but it is completely true. On the first day alone, I saw nearly ten separate obelisks in various shops. It turned into a bit of a scavenger hunt, to be honest. Some were even attempting to call them finials, but other than a ball at the top, they looked exactly like all the other obelisks. And they came in every material and size imaginable! There was one that stood nearly 6 feet tall! To be fair, it is a versatile accessory, fitting in with a variety of styles. One thing is for certain, it was certainly the sneakiest of the trends to be seen at the market.

Well there it is, my top 5 trends for 2017! I hope that you enjoy the pictures. Let me know in the comment section if you have any questions! Happy Friday!

A special thank you to all of the companies who's images were used for this blog post: Bramble, Global Views, Sagebrook Home, Kravet, Elegant Furniture & Lighting, Uttermost, and many more. I apologize if I did not mention you.

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