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Colors of the Year 2018!

Happy New year!

It's time once again to go over the trending colors you should keep your eye on this next year. Everyone pays attention to Pantone, but there are a lot of colors out there and sometimes it's easier to see what is truly popular when you look at the bigger picture.

So, without further ado...

Pantone – Ultra Violet: purple-blue

A little of this color goes a long way. It works great in midcentury, minimalist, modern designs and with clean palates. If you choose to use this color, remember to pair it with whites and creams so it won't overwhelm your space.

Sherwin-Williams – Oceanside: deep blue-green

This mediterranean color lends drama to your space, but be careful because it doesn't always play well with other colors. It is a good foil for metallics (no pun intended), creams and red.

Dunn-Edwards – The Green Hour: green-blue

This is the same idea as Oceanside, but pushing the popularity of green even more. It is just as good a foil for metallics and is almost an exact match for the patina on copper. Something good to know is this color pairs just as well with muted tones as it does with bold colors and is perfect for global designs

PPG – Black Flame: indigo-black

This color was designed to calm you down. While the colors listed until now used words like "mysterious", "contemplative", "introspective", and "creative" on their websites, this company chose a different route. They wanted silence and strength. It calms the mind and supports most other colors, particularly pastels and greys. Remember, this is a paint color that looks best when used as a contrast with lighter tones. Try to avoid putting other bold colors alongside it, as they will quickly overwhelm your senses.

Benjamin Moore – Cailente: red. Very, very red.

This color looks fantastic with the greys that have been popular lately. Despite what you might think about such a bold color, it is actually quite versatile. You can use it just for accents or all over, traditional or modern, and with clean palates or as a balance for other strong colors.


the colors seem to be trending toward cool tones and shades that work in a variety of styles and situations, from traditional to modern. High contrasts are going to be in style, letting you feel refreshed, awake, and comfortable in your space.

Thank you for reading all about the colors of the year! Make sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see what I'm up to and sign up for my monthly newsletter by clicking here!

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