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Vegas Market 2018

I'm back!

We actually got back two weeks ago but work always gets really overwhelming after a trip, so I'm just going to fudge things a little.


I'm back from Vegas and here to tell you about the top six trends I noticed while there. That's right, you get a bonus for reading my blog instead of just staring at my instagram and facebook posts! So, let's start at the top:

1. Gold!

Not a new trend, by any means, but it's staying power has been impressive. Metallics in general are very popular right now, specifically in gold and copper tones. They pair well with many different colors and styles and you can either go for a few hints to add interest or use a lot for higher levels of drama. Gold is versatile. Just keep in mind, as with any trend, people will get tired of it at some point.

2. Live Edge Furniture!

Again, not a new trend, but not one going away anytime soon. For those of you who don't know what that is, Wikipedia defines live edge or natural edge as "a style of furniture where the furniture designer or craftsperson incorporates the natural edge of the wood into the design of the piece." It gives the room a more organic feel and creates interesting lines without overwhelming the senses. There are quite a few ways to utilize the style and I saw many of them at the market.

3. Color!

The last few years have been filled with grey. Lots and lots of grey. As a result, people are pushing back with color. Vibrant colors are popping up in both furniture and accessories as well as some well placed pastels. Don't be surprised to see yellows, oranges and blues showing up, not to mention pale pinks.

4. Industrial/Steampunk

Okay, this trend is a little harder to explain because of how it has slowly snuck in. Industrial styles are fairly obvious and have declined in popularity in recent years but are seeing another resurgence, albeit in a more limited capacity. Steampunk, on the other hand, is a subculture that has been growing steadily and is finding it's place in interior design. According to Doc Phineas, the head of the Steampunk Guild as well as an expert on "Pawn Stars" and an accomplished interior designer, steampunk is rooted in a desire for something real. The style rejects plastic in favor of quality, unique goods, particularly made of brass or created with moving parts. They also are fans of scientific diagrams and undersea creatures, particularly octopi. What it boils down to is eclectic tastes that tend more toward a mix of Victorian/traditional and industrial. So next time you see a brass diver's helmet or an intricate clock with exposed gears, you will understand a little bit more them.

5. Lens Lights!

This actually is an offshoot of the industrial look but it gets its own number because these lights were EVERYWHERE! Last year there were only a few, now they come in almost every configuration you could desire, from sconces to pendants to chandeliers. Clear glass, bubble glass, frosted glass... they have you covered. The look is actually quite interesting and most of the lenses are opaque enough to diffuse the light so you aren't looking directly into a bulb. Be sure to check these out and let me know what you think of them.

6. Lacy Lights!

More lights! This one was interesting just based on the sheer choice of materials available. It started by my noticing the laser cut metal lamp/chandelier shades. Then I saw them in more styles and patterns. Then I saw some made of macrame. It is actually quite fascinating because this style allows you to be as formal or laid back as you want while still staying with the same basic concept.


well there you have it! Next month we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming. Have a great weekend!

If you want to read about the trends I spotted at last year's market, click here.

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