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Summer's Heating Up!

Hello again!

The dog days of summer are nearly upon us and I thought that this was the perfect time to talk about setting your home up for summer! If you've signed up for my newsletter, some of these tips will be familiar to you, but some might not.

Roll up those Carpets!

Do you have area rugs in your home? Well, summer is the perfect time to roll them up and send them to be cleaned. Warm months mean that you can remove some of those extra layers and let your space breath

Turn Off the Lights!

Summer means more sunlight, obviously. It also means that you don't need quite as many lights on in your home. Take out a few of the bulbs in your chandeliers, put away the candles, and lower your electric bill! Minimizing the light will keep your home cooler.

Be a Minimalist!

Accessories are wonderful things, but they can also make a space feel crowded. When it's cool, that cozy feeling is fantastic. When it's hot? It just makes you feel like the air isn't moving. The best thing to do is put away some of the decorations. It will make your room feel larger and more airy, as well as allowing for better airflow. As an added bonus, when you bring your accessories back out, they will seem much more special.

Pillow Fight!

This one will seem incredibly simple, but switch your throw pillows out for the summer. Heavy fabrics and dark colors work great in the fall and winter, but lighter fabrics and colors are perfect for spring and summer.

Banish the Blankets!

Snuggly blankets are great for winter but they are hot, heavy, and have a lot of bulk. It's time to put them away for the season and breath a sigh of relief at not having to refold them constantly.

Prep for the Holidays!

It seems silly, but summer is the perfect time to prepare for your holiday guests. If you've been thinking about gettting work done on your house and want it complete before Thanksgiving, it's best to start early so that schedules don't fill up and we have time to make your home as perfect as possible. If you do have a project you want to start on, you can contact me by clicking here and filling out my form.

So long for now and have a great Fourth of July!

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