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Four Things to Consider Before Buying Accessories

Hello again!

I recently read an article by one of my vendors (one that I printed out and now can't find the url for, so sorry) that summed up a lot of the design process in just four words: Style, Color, Pattern, and Size.

Now, Distinctive Carpets & Rugs used this to outline the things you should consider before buying a rug, but it works with pretty much every type of decorating I can think of. These four, simple words apply to everything, from choosing a new area rug to decorating for the holidays to decorating a cake! I'll try to just focus on accessories here, though.


I recently changed my tagline from "designing with you in mind" to "designing for every

style". Whether you noticed or not, it was for a very good reason. Every person has a different style! Very few people fit into a single box when it comes to style, although it would make things easier if they did. To that end, I work hard to match my design to your style.

So, why don't you do the same thing?

You probably don't understand what I'm saying but think for a moment: does that adorable statue you saw at the store really go with your home's mid-century modern esthetic? How about the country style Christmas decorations you put up in your traditional home? Before buying something, just because it looks nice, think about if it matches the style of your home. Sometimes it doesn't match exactly but it also doesn't fight with anything else. That's fine! Like I said from the beginning, you don't fit in a box. You can mix things up, just recognize that's what's going on.


Okay, this is usually a no brainer but not always. When choosing home accessories, sometimes you think that the color works and it just doesn't. Just like with the style of your home, you need to keep the colors in mind as well. Most people do, most of the time. But what about the holidays?

If you are one of the many people who love decorating for every holiday, remember that a lot of the traditional colors may not look good with your color scheme. So, before you buy the neon green and bright orange ghoul cookie jar for Halloween, consider what it will look like in your kitchen and if you're okay with that.


I love patterns! They are so much fun to play with but they are also a pitfall for many people. Some people love patterns and mix the wrong ones. Other people hate them and end up with very bland looking rooms. Not matter your opinion, think about it before buying! Does that gingham patterned mason jar fight the floral patterned couch? Should you, maybe, go with a plain one so that it will calm the room down a bit? Or, is the flat black book end too boring in your patternless study? Perhaps one that looks like mercury glass will add the pizzaz that you need.


If you've worked with me before, you know how important size is. We could absolutely

love a chandelier but it is too large or small for the space. The same applies when you're out buying accessories. Always keep in mind how big the object is and where you want to put it. Will the tiny wood carving look even smaller in a room filled with oversized furniture? Is the plant stand you want to buy too big and clunky for your dining room? A lot of this can be solved by dealing with the style first but you should always consider the dimensions of your space and whatever you are trying to add.

Now, you are probably wondering why I haven't brought cake decorating up yet... well, here you go! Have you ever seen a cake that is absolutely covered with oversized flowers? Does it look like it's going to fall over? Have you seen one actually fall over? It isn't pretty and it's a waste of perfectly good cake. Don't waste cake. Check sizes before you buy.

Well, there you have it! Four things to consider before buying accessories. Hopefully it doesn't seem too intimidating. If you get lost or confused though, you are always welcome to contact me. I'm only a phone call away and camera phones make everyone's life a lot easier.

What did you think? Leave a comment below and let me know what your thoughts.

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