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Vegas Market 2020

We're back!

We just got back from Las Vegas's Furniture Market and it was a pretty interesting trip this year. One of my assistants got sick and caught an earlier flight home, so she could only be there for one day, and I somehow managed to stub my toe on the second day and was moving pretty slow on the third. Which is a problem when you are walking right about 9k steps a day.

But enough about me! You're here to read about the latest trends I spotted at market!

Balloon chairs Stripped Down

Alright, so these are a bit of an old design given new life. Developed during the Victorian era in England, balloon chairs are so named for the balloon-like shape of their backs. They were always padded but had a partially exposed frame and were much lighter than the other chairs of the era. They were always very dramatic and meant to be used in drawing rooms or in a lady's bedchamber. Well, they are just as impressive looking as ever but have definitely come into a new era.

Instead of the upholstery, the furniture companies seem to be leaning toward a stripped down version, allowing the metal or wood frame to be laid bare. Sometimes there are sides, sometimes not (like the picture here), but there is always a high back that curves forward to sort of encase you. These are architectural pieces, bringing curves and height to any room, but they may not be practical in most homes, so definitely talk to me before you go out and buy one.

...Although, one was shaped like a bird cage and I absolutely want to work it into an exterior design. I think it would be perfect for the corner of a patio but we'll see if any of my clients like the idea. ;)

Mid-Century Wood Lighting

Wood has been creeping into lighting for a few years now. I even mentioned it back in 2017. The look has changed drastically, though. Where it used to be all shades of grey or natural tones, it is darker now and usually mixed with metals. I saw so many unique, modern designs using dark-stained wood and black metal. And I love it! It brings another dimension and texture to lighting that just wasn't available before. I hope this trend doesn't die out anytime soon.

Darker Golds

Finishes have changed again, this time from the lighter, softer golds to a darker, richer color. They can come across as harsh but work well against the navy colors that have been so popular, as well as jewel tones. I can't say that I'm a fan but I understand why others would be. If these are the colors you are attracted to, I will be more than happy to help you with the design. Just know that I will be hoping that more champagne golds become available soon because they are much easier to work with.

Reclaimed Fabrics

Reclaimed materials have been very popular recently, mostly when it comes to reclaimed

wood. Because consumers are more savvy about recycling, vendors have adjusted and are attempting to lessen their footprint on the world around us. But they've moved on from wood and plastic to fabric.

I saw at least three different rug companies reusing fabrics in some way. One is recycling denim and leather into modern day rag-rugs. Another uses old silk saris for their high-quality silk rugs. Another is repurposing old fabrics entirely and making them into art. They frame antique fabrics and offer them as art pieces for your home. The bottom line? There are even more ways to take what some see as trash and make it useful again.

Glass on Root bowls

This one is a bit silly, but I saw these things everywhere. I have a small one on my back patio, filled with rocks and a little tea light, so I know they aren't new. These glass bowls have been supersized, though. They are massive! I spotted them in about 6 different shops and I'm not quite sure why they are so popular or dramatic. Architecturally, it makes sense. Roots have a lot of movement and texture. The way the glass is formed around them draws your eye and creates even more movement. It's their size that astounds me. They will be great accessories, though.

There were a few other trends I noticed but these were the main ones I wanted to talk about. Hopefully, I'll be able to work them into your designs in the next year. If you've spotted anything that you want to talk to me about, just shoot me an email and let me know!

Until next time!

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