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The Continuing Saga of a Ranch-style Remodel Part 5

​In the beginning...

There was a gal who met a gal who needed window treatments for two rooms in her Land Park home. But that's not where the story ends...

Project 5: A Completely New Kitchen

Once Mrs. W. saw what we'd done to her daughter's bedroom and bathroom, not to mention her family room, entry way, living room, dining room, and powder room, she realized that there was another important space that needed help. Her kitchen.

Mrs. W. and her family used the kitchen as a major gathering area. Unfortunately, the room wasn't built to work that way. It was original to the house, thus dated. The main cooking area was cramped and difficult to work in. Despite the amount of storage available, very little of it was useful. Not helpful in an area that is used frequently.

The adjacent laundry room was also a problem. There was plenty of space but the arrangement of the storage cabinets meant that it didn't function well. It was also the main point of entry for the family but they were tripping over things constantly.

The Goals:

The first thing that Mrs. W. wanted was more room. There was barely enough space to turn around, let alone cook with more than one person. She also wanted better cabinets, to help her get and stay organized. She longed for a large island for entertaining, a bigger range for her to cook on, and a desk so that she didn't have to keep working at the kitchen table. Oh, and she really wanted a bay window by the sink. As for the laundry room, Mrs. W. wanted it to be more functional, both for laundry and as an informal mudroom.

The Process:

We had grand plans for this kitchen, but to accomplish them, we needed a bit more space. The first thing we did was tear the entire kitchen apart. All the cabinets were removed and either donated or thrown away. The old appliances were taken away and the room was stripped back to its frame. After that, we utilized the empty space in the backyard by bumping out a wall by a few feet and expanding the overall footprint of the house. We also decided to move the opening between her family room and kitchen over slightly, as well as expanding it.

Once the structural work was done, electrical and plumbing was put in, the walls were sealed up and we were ready to start adding design details. The floor was an easy choice. We continued the versailles pattern of tile work that we'd used in the family room and entryway. It was beautiful and connected the kitchen to the rest of the house as well as easy to clean. Much easier than hardwood, although we included that, if in an unusual place. Instead of putting wood planks on the floor, we put them on the ceiling and had them painted white. The slight variation in width added interest to the room while the color kept it neutral and amplified the light.

Continuing the light and bright theme, the custom cabinetry was painted white and installed around the edges of the room while we chose a stained wood for the island, making it the focal point for the room. All the cabinets were built to Mrs. W.'s needs, set up for everything from holding cutting boards to hiding appliances that were needed but not used everyday. Special panels were created to hide the large refrigerator and the dishwasher, limiting the visual breaks in the cabinets. We also installed a desk area with glass front cabinets for displaying decorations and shelves for either more displays or storing cookbooks.

The backsplash we chose is a lovely glazed subway tile in cream that brought a subtle warmth to the room and the large decorative tiles behind the range stuck with the neutral color scheme. Because most of the room is made up of large, chunky details, the finer pattern could have become visually overwhelming but by keeping it neutral, it can draw attention without becoming an eyesore. We also decided to put some onyx tiles for the desk's backsplash, as a visual cue that it was a separate space.

To make the kitchen more convenient, we not only added a farmhouse sink, but also a pot filler on the range and a copper prep sink. As for lighting, we decided to make up for the calm color scheme with dramatic chandeliers. We put two chandeliers over the large island and added a complimentary one over the new kitchen table.

As for the laundry, we added new custom cabinets, installed a larger sink, added a bench seat and coat hooks, and used quartz for the countertop. That counter is actually a huge help because it is a non-porous material, meaning that it is easier to clean and/or disinfect.

What's Next?

Mrs. W. was more than excited, she was finally comfortable in her favorite space. She was no longer shut away by poorly placed cabinets, no longer fighting with kitchen supplies that she couldn't put away, and finally able to have the eat-in kitchen that she'd always wanted.

It got her wondering what I could do with...

...her backyard...

And so the job continued... but you'll have to come back for the next entry to hear what happens next.

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Until next time!

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