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Space Design

Space, the final frontier...

Sounds silly but is only a little melodramatic. As anyone moving into their first tiny apartment could tell you, the way you use the space you have is essential. Unfortunately, it is also a difficult thing to manage on your own. We often need a little bit of help. That's where an interior designer comes in!

Before that, let's start with the basics.

What is Space Design?

According to Interior It Online, space design "is one of the basic elements of an interior designing process; where the designers segregate a space into different zones, that based on its future usage[...] The designing of space is the planning of an outdoor or indoor place, public or private dedicated to any type of activity, so that the whole is functional but also aesthetic and practical. We can say that space design is the layout of the space to create an identity. To do this space designer use materials, coatings [Wallpaper,etc.], furniture, lighting, colors, typography, and sometimes sound."

Basically? It is problem-solving through the use of space and everything that affects it.

Why is this important?

Every room in your home has a purpose. This purpose differs from family to family. Not everyone uses their living room for entertaining, just like not everyone uses it for sorting laundry. And sometimes you need a bit of help bringing definition to the room. Life often gets in the way and changes happen quickly. In these COVID 19 days—much more than in the past—many rooms now have multiple uses.

Interior designers use many different techniques to optimize your home for you. If you need a desk in your kitchen, we will figure out ways to make it work and look natural. You need it so we make it happen.

It doesn't even need to be an unusual circumstance that has you asking a designer for help. Let's say that your daughter is getting older and her bedroom needs an update. She needs a space for reading, closet organizers, and a multipurpose table with a mirror so she won't hog the bathroom. We will create those areas. We work with you to pick out the best closet organizer for your daughter, make a comfortable reading area that suits her as she ages, and pick a vanity that can easily double as a desk.

I had a client that lived in a very interesting home. The original builder used solar power to heat water on the roof before sending it down to the rest of the house. It was a great idea but he sent all the pipes through one wall and didn't include much in the way of sound insulation. Unfortunately, that wall was in the master bedroom. It was also the only wall the couple could put their bed against. They had to listen to water running down pipes all night long. We looked at several configurations and decided to leave the bed where it was but put a padded headboard against the wall to cut some of the sound. Problem-solving is always going to be the first sign of good Space Design. And as you can see below it's looking good too!

What's the bottom line?

Space design isn't as simple as arranging furniture or getting a new closet organizer. It is matching the space to your needs, customizing it with your taste in mind. And that isn't easy to do when you are living in the problem.

Until next time!

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