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Something Old and Something New

Hello all!

This will be a fairly short post, but I think it is important. There is a common misconception that a good interior design requires all new furniture, trendy accessories, and adherence to a specific design style. This is just patently untrue.

Just as I've said for years, no one's personality fits in a box.

What does that mean for my designs? For your designs? It means that we will not be forcing you to adhere to a strict style, nor will we remove your personality from your home.

Here are a few things that we can use to avoid you hating your design:

A gold powder room sink with crystal sconces and a fluted mirror

1. Incorporate the old with the new. This could mean bringing antiques or vintage touches into the design, family heirlooms, or just working in your collection of bottle caps in a creative way. More than once, clients have called on our expertise to help them arrange their things in a new home because they can't see how to mix the old and new. But what if you don't have anything old you can incorporate but you want that same feeling? A great example is actually this gold powder room. Originally, the client had a chest converted into a bathroom cabinet. The problem was, it was too big and didn't match the design. So, we went to some flea markets and found this bombe chest to convert. It was the right size, shape, and design, only needing some feet added to the bottom. It worked out really well here.

A living room with a white sofa, aqua and orange pillows, industrial tables, and velvet drapes

2. Pick and choose. Do you like traditional but want cleaner lines? Do you like contemporary but you also like having whimsical elements mixed in? Not a problem! Many of my clients know approximately what they like, but rare that they look at a style and say, "I only like Scandinavian and nothing else." Designers help bridge the gaps between different ideas and can help create a space that is less about aesthetics and more about the person living there. In this image, we have a mix of styles going on. The coffee and nesting tables have a contemporary, industrial feel. Traditional shutters and drapes, the wall medallion and orange pillows almost feel boho, and the dining chairs have a coastal feel with their coral patterned fabric in aqua. Oh! and this room was designed around artwork of animals, like the rabbit in the dining room. It is eclectic but doesn't feel eclectic. It feels like the client who lives there, and that is the goal of every design. Which brings us to the next part...

3. Talk to your designer and listen to them as well. Many of the problems that occur are because our clients are either not talking or not listening. Sometimes, both at once. Unfortunately, we can't read minds, and we can make mistakes. It helps when you tell us something isn't working. Are you not sure about the colors? Do you need to see it in person or in a bigger format? Did you discuss who would be purchasing the items? Do you get easily distracted and forget what you chose? We can help, but only if we are working with you. A design is collaborative.

All this is to say, our goal is to give you a beautiful design that feels like home, a luxury you can comfortably live in, and an experience that you enjoy.


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