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Vegas Market 2021!

Hello again! As many of you know, my assistant and I went to the Las Vegas Furniture Market earlier this month, and, as always, we have come back with lots of ideas and some insight on the latest trends. Let's get started!

Multi-Drop Pendants

These have been sneaking in more and more over the years, but they were pretty in your face at this market. Pendant lights are once again stealing the show, but this time they are coming in groups! Instead of two or three pendants in a line, the manufacturers are selling groups of anywhere from 3 to 36 pendants, formed into an artful arrangement. They come in a variety of styles and materials, but they are everywhere.

Faux Sheep Skin

We all remember, and often love, the sheep skin rugs that were so popular for so long. They are often still used for staging and I love putting them in the rooms of teenagers. It makes them feel so grown up! Well, that is not the trend I'm talking about, not in rugs, at least.

No, this is faux sheep skin for furniture. No matter which store we walked into, there was some sort of seating covered in the textured material. Some were soft, some less so. Most were white or cream. All of them were used on more contemporary designs. I remember this being a thing a while back, but here it is again. Remarkably, it is more attractive than ever!

Soft Light

Soft lighting is quickly becoming popular, specifically by shining light through either onyx or alabaster. I saw several different styles, from pendants to table lamps to sconces. There are several lighting companies using this trend to create the equivalent of nightlights for adults. We saw quite a few table lamps with either stone or matte white glass bases that lit from within. It is a great way to provide some gentle illumination for people who get home late or up early. The look is sophisticated and comforting.

Velvet Everything!

This last one did not surprise me at all. Velvet is back and wildly popular. Most of it seemed to be blue, green, mustard, or blush-toned, although grey did sneak in here or there. I also found a fabulous company that sells silk-velvet bedding, which I love. People are home a lot more than they have been in the past, so comfort is king. Velvet is soft and luxurious as well as a bit nostalgic. It warms you, inside and out. And, if you are at home most of the time, why not have a velvet sofa or chair?

So, what was your favorite trend?

Was it the multi-drop pendants? The velvet? What are you missing in your home?Leave your thoughts in a comment below!

Until next time!


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