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Colors of the Year 2019!

Welcome back!

At the beginning (or end) of every year, I try and give you a heads up about the colors of the year. And there is more than one. Most paint companies release a color of the year, and it is interesting to see what trends will come from them.

So, let's jump right in with the most famous!

Pantone – Living Coral

It is bold, beautiful, and perfect for a variety of uses. Probably not what most people want on a wall, but if used correctly, it can add the color you need to take your room to the next level. Coral will probably be showing up more in clothing and makeup than design, but don't discount it completely. As the picture above shows, it works well with a variety of neutrals, blues and greens as well as black and white. You will probably see it mostly in small accents and mid-century modern designs.

Sherwin-Williams – Cavern Clay

And now we move on from a pink that looks good with neutrals to a neutral with pink tones. Again, Cavern Clay looks wonderful with blues, greens, whites as well as brown tones. When combined with white or cream, it gives the room a fresh but relaxed look. It also gives the impression that you are bringing the natural world indoors. Once again, mid-century modern works well with this color.

Dunn-Edwards – Spice of Life

So, last year, Sherwin-Williams and Dunn-Edwards had very similar colors. And once again, they went for the same theme. Spice of Life is darker than Cavern Clay, but the pink/red undertones are still there. However, the styles you would use them for are different. Spice of Life lends itself to a more Bohemian look.

PPG – Night Watch

Night Watch is almost a middle ground between last year's colors, Oceanside and Green Hour (from Sherwin-Williams and Dunn-Edwards). It works very well with metallics and light tones, but can be overwhelming if used in excess. I particularly like its use on the house above. The color is unusual on a home, but won't stick out or upset the HOA's too much. Paired with white trim, natural stone, and a stained wood door, the color really shines.

Benjamin Moore – Metropolitan

Still love gray? Well, the good news is that it doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. This is a warm gray, which tends to work well with a variety of colors and can fit in with pretty much any style you want. It will let your accessories shine and can be updated with little fuss by changing the accent colors of your room.

Behr – Blueprint

You didn't think I'd mention Behr, did you? Well, here it is. Blueprint. It is a darker blue with gray tones, allowing it to almost become a neutral tone. This color can go well on a kitchen Island or accent against Ship-lap walls. It gets along very well with the Farmhouse look.

Kelly-Moore – Peacock Blue

Please use primer. Peacock Blue is a vibrant color and has a tendency to bleed through primers. Luckily, paint primer has gotten much better since the last time I had to cover up a peacock colored wall. Either way, you might want to use this with caution. It is easy to become overwhelmed with bold colors like this.

And that's it for today!

So what is your favorite color of the year? Which one is your least favorite? Any questions about any of this? Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know!

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